Week 1
  • You will have a squad tag created for you. This will allow you to keep track of your members inside your squad so as to be able to tell who is active and who is not.
  • Send daily messages out to the members in your squad (from the tag), letting them know about event times (8-9 PM Eastern time).
  • Get to know your new recruits and encourage them to register on the website; they will be able to find and learn valuable information there.
  • Encourage and teach new members how to properly recruit; take note of members who wish to do more for the squad (i.e. host events, hold recruitment parties, ask questions on how they can rank up) for these members will be able to rank up faster via merit and ambition.
  • Inform and direct new members to the Ranking Structure page, which will allow them to see the requirements for ranking up.
  • Try and get the squad tag to about 10-15 people.

Week 2
  • Host squad events/activities Monday through Friday (weekends if applicable or desired) from 8-9 PM Eastern Time.
  • Log attendance on the forums under the attendance thread and keep an eye out for active members and members willing to host; these could become future officers in NMO.
  • Begin training members to become future leaders; any who stand out above their peers will be eligible for more rapid promotion. The more officers you have, the more the workload is evenly distributed.
  • Host squad meetings to see who is interested in ranking up and set potential goals for people to achieve.
  • Conduct recruiting parties (if applicable) so that all members can learn how to recruit correctly.
  • Create a hosting schedule and teach members how to host so that they can pick days to host.
  • Ideally, you should have the squad tag up to 25 people at this point.

Week 3
  • Have Lieutenants begin teaching new members the Code of Conduct as well as enter into the Lieutenant Duty Rotational Schedule (speak with NMO Grandma for more details).
  • Start a competitive team (if it applies to your game and if you wish to do so).
  • Your squad should ideally be at 35-50 members.
  • Continue to train and mentor members from the ranks of Sergeant through First Sergeant (SGT-1SG) for consideration to promotion to higher ranks.

Week 4
  • Your squad should be at roughly 60-75 members.
  • Ensure that your officers are properly trained in the Code of Conduct, Ranking Structure and Testing Methods.
  • Prepare your squad for a squad split to be able to form a new squad.