On November 3rd, myself and NMO Perseus participated in a 24-hour gaming event called Extra Life; an event to raise charitable donations for children's hospitals worldwide. There are a large number of people who came and participated, both in terms of support or in terms of gaming to help keep me awake during this event! For all of you who assisted myself and/or Perseus, you have my deepest thanks.

However, there is a member who stood head and shoulders above the rest in this: Datenshial . Datenshial, a member of our Citadel 85th Phalanx (Destiny 2) section, contributed $500 in the single largest contribution to team New Mandalorian Order's goals, bringing our ending total to $645! Datenshial, you have the thanks of myself and the founders of the community and have earned November's Member of the Month spot!

For those interested in joining the New Mandalorian Order team on ExtraLife for next year, please reach out to myself or NMO Emmaleth on Discord!