Last Friday I almost commited suicide
Why couldn't you just let me die
I just wanted to be free from all these lies
What’s one more life, everyone dies
As I gasped for air, I never felt so alive
Beauty in the air nothing but sunshine
During my last breaths, I could see the light
But my friend ran to me and said please fight
He removed my hands and started to cry
Please don’t go, you have to try
I’m not ready for you to leave, this is not goodbye
Just try, I’ll make sure you don’t die
I’ll take a seat and watch you all night
Then I thought, maybe he is right
I have to take a stand and stay in the fight
So I started to cry and did I really almost take my life
With my own bare hands, not even with a knife
Did I lose my mind or did I want to be in the afterlife
I hated life, I couldn’t stand to live no more
So I choked myself and now my throat is sore
My life was coming to an end as I gasped for air
All I thought is why am I here, life isn’t fair
The next morning I woke up and still didn’t really care
So I went downstairs and spent most of the day in an armchair
I called into work, life is so unfair, I just needed time to repair
When I told some people, they said please don’t do that we care
After that I poured one shot of alcohol, I just kept pouring
I knew that I drank a lot, but I didn’t care and wasn’t stopping
Pain is all I felt and I just told myself I was just restoring
Later that night some friends came over and started pouring
Did I cause that much pain why is everyone feeling so sorry
I just wanted to end my life story
Another friend was drunk and started talking
But all I noticed was he had trouble walking
Then I actually listened to what he was saying
And it kind of sounded like he was praying
He said please don’t try to die, it isn't even your time
I don’t know what I’d do without you, I’ll be here anytime
As he kept talking my eyes got wider
My mind became clear and I wanted to be a fighter
Now I’d like to take the time and apologize
I understand Its okay to cry, just please don't commit suicide